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Climate IMF Sustainability World Bank April 19, 2024 IMF and World Bank Unite on Climate Financing

| By Linyi Zheng | Leaders from the IMF and the World Bank are streamlining debt restructuring protocols, enabling more effective steps to support climate action in Africa and around the world.

Apple Business EU Google Meta April 19, 2024 EU Investigates Tech Titans Under New DMA Rules

| By Lauren LaPorta | The EU initiated investigations into Apple, Google, and Meta, scrutinizing their business practices for potential monopolistic actions under the Digital Markets Act.

Asia China Japan Philippines USA April 18, 2024 Economic and Security Ties Strengthened at Historic Trilateral Summit

| By Eliana Pisons | The leaders of Japan, the US, and the Philippines held a historic trilateral summit in Washington, DC, discussing strategies for promoting regional stability and prosperity.

Asia China Commerce Trade USA April 14, 2024 Stabilizing US-China Relations: Janet Yellen’s Strategic Visit to China

| By Linyi Zheng | Amid dynamic Sino-American relations, the recent visit to China by U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen aimed to stabilize relations between the world’s two largest economies.

Finance Japan April 14, 2024 Uncharted Territory: BOJ’s New Strategy and the Yen’s Outlook

| By Eliana Pisons | Aiming to balance growth and stability, the Bank of Japan has allowed interest rates to rise for the first time since 1998 as the Yen’s value drops against the US dollar.

Energy ESG Sustainability April 12, 2024 EPA Awards $2.29B to Opportunity Finance Network for Clean Energy

| By Xuan Zhong | The EPA’s $2.29B clean energy investment through OFN is a major commitment to addressing the climate crisis, promoting environmental justice, and increasing access to capital.

Business Finance India April 12, 2024 India’s Leap into Global Bond Indexes: Economic Implications and Future Prospects

| By Lauren LaPorta | In a landmark move, two global bond indexes will include India’s government bonds, signifying a shift in the global financial landscape and recognizing India’s growing economic status.

Environment ESG PFAS Sustainability April 11, 2024 Dealing with Danger: The Toxic Legacy of PFAS Forever Chemicals

| By Ava Wong | PFAS “Forever Chemicals” found in everyday products have been linked to many health issues. A plant in North Carolina is embroiled in controversy for processing the dangerous chemicals.

Business China EV Finance April 5, 2024 Revving Up Consumption: Analyzing China’s New Auto Loan Policies and Their Economic Impact

| By Linyi Zheng | China’s Notice on Adjusting Automobile Loan-Related Policies marks a key economic strategy shift to stimulate domestic auto consumption and enhance the sector’s growth.

Commerce Infrastructure Sustainability Transportation USA April 5, 2024 Baltimore Bridge Disaster A Catalyst For Urgent Infrastructure Overhaul

| By Eliana Pisons | The collapse of Baltimore’s Key Bridge sent shockwaves through the city’s bustling port, disrupting business and raising resiliency and safety concerns about aging infrastructure.