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Climate Environment Global Warming August 16, 2023 July Temperatures Break Heat Records

| By Emma Kuruppacherry | This July was the hottest month in documented history. With a global temperature high of 17.08°C (62.74°F), July broke records from all previous hottest months.

Business China Technology August 15, 2023 President Biden Implements Ban on U.S. Investments in Select Chinese Technologies

| By Eliana Pisons | President Joe Biden has taken a decisive step in recalibrating U.S.-China economic relations by instituting a ban on American companies’ investments in specific Chinese technologies. This move was revealed August 9, 2023, when he signed an executive order that will restrict investments and require government notification in other tech sectors. He intends to stop Beijing from receiving American assistance in hopes to quell their military expansion.

AI Privacy August 9, 2023 Concerns about Zoom’s New Terms of Service

| By Xuan Zhong | Zoom’s latest terms of service adds a new clause about users’ personal information. Although Zoom has repeatedly emphasized that users can choose not to share data with Zoom while using this application, this provision has been criticized by many users as evidence that Zoom will use users’ private data to train its AI system. It also raises concerns about users’ inability to assure themselves that their personal data is not being misappropriated.

AI Technology July 26, 2023 AI Companies Agree to US Security Standards

| By Emma Kuruppacherry | On Friday, July 21st, seven leading AI companies came to the White House to form an agreement on basic guidelines for developing AI.

Fusion Space July 20, 2023 Pulsar Looks To Fusion Future in Space

| By Xuan Zhong | Pulsar Fusion, a UK space firm, is working on a notional rocket engine design using an innovative Direct Fusion Drive to generate thrust from nuclear fusion.

AR Technology VR June 9, 2023 Apple Enters the Augmented Reality World

| By Haiqi Li | Apple has introduced the Vision Pro headset, marking the company’s first significant push into the AR/VR market, enabling users to immersively access content.

Energy Environment Sustainability June 7, 2023 Ireland and Germany Sign Green Hydrogen Pact

| By Emma Kuruppacherry | The Irish and German governments signed a joint declaration to formalize green hydrogen production between the two countries and ensure its future expansion.

Asia Business China Technology June 1, 2023 China Bans Micron Chip Deal

| By Haiqi Li | The Cyberspace Administration of China blocked a deal with Micron Technology in a move viewed as a response to US national security policies towards the Chinese semiconductor industry.

AI Business Technology May 23, 2023 G-7 Leaders Discuss International Standards for AI

| by Emma Kuruppacherry | The G-7 leaders met in Hiroshima to address AI and how to regulate its use. World leaders discussed concerns about privacy attacks, civil rights violations, disinformation, and the unethical use of data.

AI Cybersecurity Defense Encryption Technology May 18, 2023 Nexus 23 Explores Technology and Security Imperatives
The Nexus 23 Conference, held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on 17 and 18 May 2023, shed light on critical national security and cybersecurity issues. The event, hosted by Applied Intuition and The Atlantic Council brought together industry leaders, policymakers, and experts to discuss the future of autonomous systems, software development, and ...