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Social Media Technology UK September 22, 2023 UK Creates New Online Safety Rules

| By Xuan Zhong | The UK’s new internet safety law, recently approved by lawmakers, requires social media platforms to implement several preventive measures.

Climate Environment G20 Sustainability September 14, 2023 G20 Leaders Agree on Climate Action Goals

| By Emma Kuruppacherry | For the first time, G20 countries agreed on how much action is needed to reach their clean energy goals and to triple renewable energy efforts by 2030.

Cloud Technology September 14, 2023 Oracle’s Cloud Business Growth Has Slowed

|By Xuan Zhong | Despite Oracle’s considerable investment in the cloud market, the company’s cloud business has slowed in the growing but competitive field.

Brazil Business China India Russia South Africa September 8, 2023 BRICS: Shaping the Global Landscape through Collaboration

| By Eliana Pisons | BRICS continues to emerge as a notable driving force with an ambitious mission that has the potential to reshape the global landscape.

Business China Technology USA September 8, 2023 China’s Huawei Unveils Advanced Mobile Phone

| By Xuan Zhong | Huawei unveiled its Mate60 Pro phone, showcasing an advanced Chinese-made chip despite being under tech trade sanctions led by the US and US-allied countries.

India Space September 7, 2023 India Lands on the South Pole of the Moon

| By Emma Kuruppacherry | On August 23rd India made history as the first country to successfully land on the Moon’s south pole — a key exploration step in the search for lunar water.

AI Business Latin America Technology August 29, 2023 Many Happy Returns for Online Shopping in Latin America

| By Xuan Zhong | In Latin America, online returns have often been unreliable. But logistics companies are using tech innovations to design better return models.

Asia China Japan South Korea USA August 23, 2023 US, Japan, and South Korea Seal Landmark Trilateral Accord

| By Eliana Pisons | The August 18 Camp David Summit between the US, Japan, and South Korea has ushered in a new age of cooperation while tackling regional concerns.

Asia India Japan South Korea USA Women Women Empowerment August 19, 2023 Empowering Change: Women Scholars Advocate Diplomacy, Cooperation, and Inclusivity in East Asia

| By Xuan Zhong | Women scholars gathered at the Mansfield Foundation Trilateral Youth Empowerment Capitol Hill Forum addressing critical contemporary issues.

China Space Technology August 16, 2023 China Expands Space Partnerships

| By Xuan Zhong | China is expanding its international space partnerships by creating programs to access lunar mineral samples and conduct research on China’s Tiangong space station.

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