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EU Germany Italy Sustainability March 2, 2024 Germany and Italy Halt EU Sustainability Agreements

| By Josie Koehler | The EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive faces a setback just before the final adoption vote as Germany and Italy stopped the process.

China Defense USA March 2, 2024 Discord and Diplomacy: A Chronicle of US-China Relations

US-China differences have persisted and widened since 1989. The roots of the relationship can be traced back to the seismic shifts of the 1960s and President Nixon’s unprecedented visit to China.

China EU Privacy Social Media TikTok USA March 1, 2024 TikTok Targeted in US and EU Election Year Scrutiny

TikTok is taking action to promote the app’s trust and credibility amidst US and EU election year scrutiny of disinformation and data privacy on social media.

AI OpenAI Technology February 26, 2024 OpenAI’s Sora: A Game-Changer or a Cause for Concern?

| By Eliana Pisons | OpenAI unveiled Sora, a groundbreaking AI video content generation system that’s creating both excitement and concern for its potential impact on technology, jobs, and society.

Business Climate Energy Environment ESG Global Warming February 25, 2024 Defying the Energy Transition: ExxonMobil’s Standoff with Climate Defenders

| By Linyi Zheng | ExxonMobil launched a legal offensive against ESG advocacy investment institutions Arjuna Capital and Follow This to stifle the organizations’ emission reduction proposals.

Business China February 21, 2024 Understanding China’s Latest LPR Cut and Its Implications

| By Linyi Zheng | China is intensifying efforts to stabilize the persistently sluggish real estate sector, lowering the 5-year loan prime rate to boost market confidence in the Chinese economy.

Climate Culture Environment Global Warming Japan February 15, 2024 Record-Breaking Heatwave: Japan’s Traditional Culture Faces New Threats

| By Eliana Pisons | The record-breaking heatwave caused by climate destruction is disrupting the intricate dance of the seasons that holds deep cultural significance in Japan.

Business Google Innovation Microsoft Sustainability UK February 14, 2024 Google Planning to Build London Data Center

| By Loc Le | Google announced on January 18th, 2024, via a blog post that the company would be investing $1 billion to build a new UK-based data center north of London.

China Technology USA February 12, 2024 SMIC and Huawei Plan to Develop New 5nm Processor

| By Linyi Zheng | China’s largest chipmaker, SMIC, has set up a new semiconductor production line in Shanghai. The production line aims to mass-produce chips to support Beijing’s goal of achieving chip self-sufficiency.

Business China Mexico South Korea USA February 10, 2024 Mexico Surpasses China as Top US Trading Partner

| By Xuan Zhong | U.S. Department of Commerce trade data reveals Mexico has surpassed China as the top source of imports for the US, representing a shift in trade dynamics.

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